neon buzz (haushinkaitlyn) wrote in gd_brigade,
neon buzz

oh hai

I doubt any of you remember me, I was Haushinka on the board (I later came back for a short time as Haushinkaitlyn.) I was mainly a wallflower, so I won't be offended if you ask "WHO?!".

I randomly met poprocksandacid tonight via anonquestions and we both discovered the fact that we were once Green Day message boardies, and bonded over that for a while and then I was informed that this community existed and essentially geeked out a little, haha.

ANYWAY.. I just wanted to say hello! It's really great to know this community exists even if it isn't all that active. I've gone all nostalgic tonight, and I've enjoyed it. Thanks for the great times even if you don't remember me.

See you around! :D
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